A Tale of Tails book

A Tale of Tails” is an enchanting and heart warming tale about a little mouse, Knolly Nibbles, born without a tail, who doesn’t understand why she was born so different from all other mice. When all the other mice call her “Knolly no tail”, make fun of her or wear special ribbons and bobbles on their tails, she feels she is not “enough” and wants to be like others to fit in. Knolly’s parents help her make tails of her very own. After a full day of creativity and imagination, she discovers that she is loved and can love herself just the way she is.

This story charms kids of all ages learn with love, self acceptance, discovery, imagination and friendship. You and your kids can have a full day of creativity too, especially when pairing the interactive storybook app with the book.  What is your tale and do you like yourself the way you are? Knolly will help bring your best self out so you too can shine just the way you are.
“A Tale of Tails” is beautifully illustrated in 3D by Knolly Nibbles, LLC and Lagoon Black Studios. It is masterfully edited from the 1st edition which is in 2D and very limited supply. Whether you collect either book or the App, you are investing in your child to think and care about themselves and one another kindly, to believe that differences are sometimes the most beautiful things to have and share.
Either book is autographed and by request can be personalized.
A Tale of Tails, unedited, 2D version, limited edition: $21.99*
A Tale of Tails, edited, 3D version: $16.99*
plus shipping $5.00

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