Knolly Nibbles - A Tale of Tails Animated Storybook App

Knolly Nibbles is our cute, sometimes shy and silly little mouse born without a tail but a big heart and two heart shaped ears. She’s a big day dreamer with a huge imagination, which she uses to tell us tales. In this fun animated app, Lagoon Black Studios brings this children's book to life with feature film quality animation for your Apple iPhone or iPad.

Features of the App

  • Watch the Full animated adaptation of the story within the app
  • Groundbreaking use of Feature Film Quality Animation
  • A visual table of contents that’s simple enough for our youngest users
  • Beautiful Animation and Locations around Nibbleville
  • You can touch each word adding an educational aspect to the fun.
  • Animation can be replayed with a page
  • Knolly will make you want to hug your friends and family
  • Reading has never been so visual, fun, and entertaining

App Screenshots

The O.K. Tree

Knolly nibbling

Knolly in her room

Knolly with a monkey tail

Knolly Under Water

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