Knolly Nibbles

Knolly Nibbles is our cute, sometimes shy and silly, sweet and irresistible, little Mouse born without a tail and two heart shaped ears. Knolly doesn’t understand why she’s different and feels she has to find the perfect tail to fit in and be like others. Despite how hard she tries to find the right one, none of them work. It is when her father tells her that she is Special Just the Way She Is that she realizes she doesn’t need to change in order to be accepted and loved. We join Knolly on adventures where we learn that all life is important and everyone has something Special to offer. It’s tough being small these days in a harsh world. Knolly hopes you will join her in Nibbleville where we nibble on knowledge, heartfelt and sometimes silly stories, quotes of courage, confidence, love, strength and life’s simple pleasures. Knolly teaches us to love ourselves just the way we are and wants us all to know EVERYONE IS SPECIAL! KNOLLY NIBBLES, NO TAIL~BIG HEART

Michele Goren

Knolly Nibbles was born from the heart of her creator and founder, Michele Goren. Out of pure love and empathy, Michele sought out a way to create a very special character for children in 2008. She wanted every child, the young and young at heart to know; no matter who they are, where they come from, what they look like or what they’ve been through, they are Special just the way they are. All of the quotes and stories Michele created had the universal message that All Life Is Important. This very message is what made TEAM KNOLLY come together, comprised of toy designers, artists, composers, voice-over artists, Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks Animators, a savvy law team, All Very Brilliant and Talented! Michele's passions and hobbies are anything that takes her imagination and turns them into creativity whether that is painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, illustrating, baking, cooking, photographing and the list goes on. Some of her past accomplishments include art for Paul McCartney through United Nations, Steven Spielberg, President GW Bush, Barnes and Noble, United Nations, Jack Nicklaus, The Coen Brothers Film Producers, etc. She loves the ocean and salt air. Her son and daughter, 8 grand children, great grand child, family, friends, Knolly Nibbles and Knolly Nibbles partners are the greatest loves in her life. What makes Michele special is that she Never Ever Gives Up. She is passionate about children being happy and safe, knowing they have a special purpose on this earth, everyone does. She strives to get the global message for people to be kind to one another and to pursue Peace, Compassion and Empathy toward and for each other. She is driven by those passions in everything she does. “If I was living for no other reason but to help children and the child within every adult smile, feel joy, and feel loved, that would be enough for me.”

Jason Ryan

Jason is Director of our Animation Department. He will lead all of Knolly’s and other characters performances. He will be directing/animating any animation related products including TV, Film and computer generated media. He has brought Knolly to life. He’s captured her appeal, charm, curiosity, kindness and innocence. Jason is recognized for his impressive experience as animator and/or lead animator in many of the productions we have viewed from Disney, DreamWorks and more. Some of his accomplishments are Charming, Big Hero 6, Shrek 4, Madagascar 3, Kung Fu Panda 2, The Croods, Chicken Little and many more. Jason lives in California but is currently in Montreal as Directing Animator for Cinesite. (We call him Jason1) Jason’s Hobbies are: Drumming, Drawing, and Dancing He likes to eat great food and tries to stay healthy. What makes Jason Ryan special is that he never gives up. He is excited by new challenges and tries to give 100% in everything he does.

Larry Vasquez

Larry is our 'Jack of all trades' when it comes to Knolly on the computer, from animating with Jason Ryan, to final renders of Knolly. Larry started working in CG back in 2000. Being primarily self taught during that time, caused him to learn many aspects of working in 3D from hard-surface modeling, surfacing, & lighting. But it wasn't until 2007 when he met Jason and was able to full fill his primary passion of working in CG by learning character animation from him. Besides being a life long student and seeking to hone his crafts, Larry's hobbies are spending time with his wife and seven children. What makes Larry special is that he's optimistic, has a mean work ethic, loves to laugh, and recognizes he's always doing better than he deserves.

Jorjeana Marie

Jorjeana is Knolly’s Voice. We are blessed with the sweetest, most convincing, brilliant and Pure Knolly voice! She will also be the voice of all of Knolly’s friends in the future. Jorjeana has extensive experience in New York City and Regional theatre as well as professionally touring as a stand-up comedienne opening for Richard Lewis and Louis Anderson to roles in film, television and all areas of voice-over. Her work in animation, video games, commercials, promos and audio books has meant performing with and collaborating on projects with icons such as Eliot Gould, Jim Belushi, Steven Spielberg and more. Jorjeana is the voice of the new Nancy Drew Diaries and promos for Travel Channel and Nickelodeon. Jorjeana’s hobbies are Playing Guitar, reading, yoga, and spending time in nature. She is special because she has so many sweet people in her life and because she believes in dreaming.

Michael Moccia

Michael is our in-house attorney who has been with us since Knolly was a rough sketch on paper. In addition to handling the legal work related to Knolly, he is a trusted advisor who helps our team when we need a more “left brained” person’s perspective. Outside of the legal work, Michael is a great chef and enjoys spending time outdoors.

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